Curriculum Vitae


  • 2010 PhD Cultural Anthropology, University of Florida Dissertation: Beneath the Peak: Tourism & the Global Economy in a Moroccan Mountain Community
  • 2001 M.A. Religion Thesis: Redefining the American Neo-Pagan Community, University of Florida
  • 1997 B.A. Anthropology, minor Botany, University of Florida

Current Teaching Experience

2011-present Department of Humanities & Foreign Languages, Santa Fe College

  • HUM 2420 African Humanities
  • HUM 2020 Introduction to Humanities
  • REL 2300 Contemporary World Religions

2013-present Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Santa Fe College

  • ANT 2410 Cultural Anthropology
  • ANT 2301 Human Sexuality
  • ISS 2270 MultiCultural Communication
  • ANT 2000 General Anthropology

2011-2019 Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work, University of North Florida

  • ANT 3212 Peoples & Cultures of the World
  • SYP 3440 International Development & Social Change
  • SYP 3570 Deviance & Social Control
  • ANT 2200 Human Sexuality & Culture
  • SYO 3110 Sociology of Sexualities

Graduate Teaching Experience

  • AFS2002 The African Experience, University of Florida
  • WIS 3930 Reproductive Health in Global Perspective, University of Florida
  • ANT 3110 Gender in Cross-cultural Perspective, University of Florida
  • ANT 2301 Human Sexuality & Culture, University of Florida
  • SYO 4930 Sociology of Religion, University of Florida
  • REL 2121 American Religious History, University of Florida
  • REL 2300 World Religions, University of Florida

Curriculum Development

  • 2017 Introduction to Humanities OER Master Course, Santa Fe College
  • 2015 Opening the Doors to Asia Title VI web resource, Santa Fe College
  • 2013 African Studies at Santa Fe web resource, Santa Fe College
  • 2013 Culture Gardens at Santa Fe web resource, Santa Fe College

Professional Development Training

  • 2018 CODI Online Design & Instruction, Santa Fe College
  • 2018 CT3 Accessible Design, Santa Fe College
  • 2017 EME 6236 Education Leadership & Management, University of Florida 2017
  • 2017 EME 6235 Managing Education Projects, University of Florida
  • 2016 EME 6605 Instructional Design, University of Florida
  • 2016 EME 6606 Advanced Instructional Design, University of Florida
  • 2015 CT3 Universal Design for Instruction, Santa Fe College
  • 2014 TOS 4100 Online Teaching Certificate, University of North Florida

Synergistic Activities in Cultural & Area Studies

  • 2011 Transnational Business in Sub-Saharan Africa with Dr. Anita Spring, University of Florida
  • 2007-2010 Editorial Board member for African Studies Quarterly with Dr. Leonardo Villalon, Center for African Studies, University of Florida
  • 2007-2008 Dissertation Research: Ethnographic research and participant-observation in Aremd, Morocco
  • 2005 Ethnographic research case study: Hurricane Opal in Okaloosa County, Florida with Anthony Oliver-Smith, University of Florida
  • 2004 Tlingit place-names mapping and oral narrative documentation with Wayne Howell, Cultural Resource Manager, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
  • 2004 Spatial analysis and map production for Terra Lingua and World Wildlife Fund GIS & Global Bio-Cultural Diversity project with Dr. J. Rick Stepp , University of Florida
  • 2003-2009 Cave exploration and cultural resource documentation in Tongass National Forest, Alaska with Jim Baichtal, Thorne Bay, Prince of Wales Island, AK
  • 2000 Masters Research: ethnographic interviews with 52 Neo-Pagan groups and 102 individuals in Florida, United States

Foreign Language Training

  • 2008-2009 FRE 2000 Intermediate French, University of Florida
  • 2007 Tachelhit (Berber) tutoring funded by Fulbright US State Department
  • 2006-2007 ARA 3000 Advanced Arabic, University of Florida
  • 2006 Arabic Summer Intensive: Tanger, Morocco, Institute for Maghrib Studies
  • 2006-2007 ARA 2000 Intermediate Arabic, University of Florida
  • 2005 Arabic Summer Intensive: Fez, Morocco, American Language Institute
  • 1996 ASL Summer Intensive, Florida School for Deaf & Blind

Awards, Grants and Fellowships

  • 2017-2020 Local Food Business Incubator for Farmers Markets, US Dept. Agriculture
  • 2015-2017 Farmers Market Promotion: Hawthorne Food Desert US Dept. Agriculture
  • 2010 Elizabeth Eddy Fellowship for Applied Anthropology, University of Florida
  • 2009 O. Ruth McQuown Scholarship for Gender Research University of Florida
  • 2007-2008 U.S. Fulbright Fellowship Morocco, US State Department
  • 2007 Polly and Paul Doughty Dissertation Research Grant University of Florida
  • 2005-2007 Foreign Language Area Studies, Arabic, UF Center for African Studies
  • 2006 Fellowship for Arabic in Tangier, Morocco Institute for Maghreb Studies
  • 2006 Dissertation Research Grant, Aremd Morocco Institute for Maghrib Studies
  • 2005 Foreign Language Area Studies in Morocco, UF Center for African Studies
  • 2005 World Citizen Fellowship: Sierra Leonne (declined), Coca Cola Foundation

Relevant Publications

  • 2013 ‘Recipe for Disaster: Hurricane Vulnerability and Resilience in Florida,’ Disaster Vulnerability and Resilience in Florida. Lexington Press. Anthony Oliver-Smith and Amanda Holmes, eds. ‘Eye on the Storm: Resilience and Vulnerability to Hurricane Opal,’ Proyecto Gestion de riesgo de desastre ENSO en America Latina (Dic/21/2006)
  • 2005 ‘Mountains and Biocultural Diversity,’ Mountain Research and Development. 25(3): 223-227. Stepp, J.R., Hector Castanada and Sarah Cervone. 2004 ‘Development of a GIS for Global Biocultural Diversity,’ Policy Matters. 13 (November). Stepp, J.R., S. Cervone, H. Castaneda, A. Lasseter, G. Stocks, Y. Gichon

Relevant Presentations

  • 2015 ‘Leadership & Stereotyping’ Student Government Leadership Symposium, Santa Fe College, March
  • 2011 ‘Pro-Poor Tourism?: Tourism, Conservation and Development in Toubkal National Park, Morocco,’ University of South Florida Department of Geography Tampa, Florida March
  • 2011 ‘A woman without children is like a cow without milk’: Why Gender and Kinship Matter in Tourism Development in the High Atlas,’ Interdisciplinary Research Symposium. University of Florida, Gainesville. February
  • 2010 ‘Keeping Moroccan Time: Tourism and Temporal Hegemony in the High Atlas Mountains,’ American Anthropological Association. New Orleans, Louisiana. November.
  • 2010 ‘Tourists and the Tafeza: Television as an Apostle for the Global Economy in the High Atlas Mountains,’Society for Applied Anthropology. Merida, Mexico. March
  • 2008 ‘Socio-economic Effects of Tourism Development for Berber Women in Toubkal National Park,’ Genre en Mediterranee: Les femmes face aux transformations socio-economiques: Conflits, negociations et emergence de nouveaux rapports sociaux. Rabat, Morocco. April
  • 2008 ‘Women, Work and Tourism in Toubkal National Park’, U.S. Fulbright Symposium, US Embassy Rabat, Morocco. April
  • 2007 ‘Differential Opportunities for Women in the Moroccan Tourism Economy: Preliminary Findings from Toubkal National Park,’ Center for African Studies, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. March