Intro to Humanities

HUM2020: Introduction to the Humanities: This course will introduce students to the ways that the humanities shape and are shaped by the human experience. This course approaches humanities as cultural expression that includes, but is not limited to: visual arts, performance art, literature, music, philosophy, film & cinema, theory, and religion. It will address a wide range of meaningful themes and ideas expressed within the humanities such as love, truth, happiness, nature, freedom, representation, oppression, gender & sexuality, identity, morality & ethics, power, religion & spirituality, cultural connections and collisions, history, and more. Special emphasis will be given to human diversity and cross-cultural analysis of international contexts.

Goals: By the end of the semester, students shall be able to;

• define humanities and discuss the significance of the humanities as an expression of the human experience (individual and collective, personal and historical),
• demonstrate knowledge and appreciation of cultural expression in all its forms and contexts,
• identify how different themes are represented through multiple modes of expression in culturally diverse ways,
• draw from a wide range of forms and genres within the humanities to produce unique and personal reflections and expressions of a shared human experience